Casino Report – Hollywood Casino West Virginia 6.8.13

Casino Report – Hollywood Casino West Virginia 6.8.13

Decided to try some night time craps at Hollywood Casino West Virginia. Normally I’m an early morning player as I don’t like large crowds.

Arrived at Hollywood Casino West Virginia about 7 PM. Headed straight for the 9 Dragons restaurant.

9 Dragons is set up sort of odd. The front of the restaurant is open and is VERY loud. Just ask for a back table and things quite down quickly.  We ordered 2 dishes and an appetizer. The service was very slow. I heard several people yelling for a waitress. The food was average. One dish we orded we sent back. It was ridiculous. Was supposed to be Hong Kong Lamb. What we got was a joke. A steamy bowl of lamb bones and fat. Nothing to eat in there.  They removed it from the bill. Prices are ok. I doubt I go back there. I give it 3 of 5 stars.

The casino was PACKED. No way to get on any tables anywhere. Even the slots were full. I muscled my way onto a roulette table and played black / red for a while. Got up a few hundred.

Found a few slots way in the back open. Got lucky..up another $75. Decided to find a craps table and just hover there. This was my lucky night! In less then 5 minutes I had a spot!


I was out of position and wasn’t going to shoot. Instead I decided to practice what I learned on my recent Atlantic City trip. I five counted each shooter. made smart bets and then this little short girl gets the dice. She set them in a reverse flying 3V. Carefully gripped them and tossed at a weird angle and landed in the come area near the top corner. This girl was on FIRE. She rolled for 45 mins. Hit about 7 or 8 points. I made very smart bets. Took full advantage of the situation and colored up after that roll a massive winner.

Hollywood Casino West Virginia is one fun place!




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