Welcome To My Craps Adventure

I’m just a nobody that wants to win. So I decided to get serious about craps strategy.  This is how I did it and how I continue to do it.

  • I do not believe in dice control.
  • I DO believe in dice influencing (DI).
  • I believe, as with anything in life, if you want to succeed you must put in the work.

I hope this site can help someone else….

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How Not To Burn a Hole in Your Pocket While Gambling

Gambling table! It has witnessed it all. It has seen people going from rags to riches and the other way round. So, if you believe that you will just enter the gambling arena and emerge as victorious like James Bond; well you could not be more than wrong. It may sound really easy to restrain yourself from throwing away the last penny mindlessly on the gambling table, but the reality is vastly different. You will find it immensely tough to put a rein on the spending. No matter how hard you may try, you will find yourself cursing on your luck in the morning when realization will eventually dawn on you that you have spent all you had last night. So, if you are going to enter casino for the first time in your life and do not know beans about gambling, these tips are meant for you –

Cash the Chips Whenever You Get Time

The mesmerizing surrounding, the feel good musical notes and the mystical lighting etc. are all made up to create an ambience where you can easily get lost. You will find it overwhelmingly difficult to restrain yourself when it comes to gambling. Since you are not gambling real money, you will always feel tempted to play as long as you have the last chip. Therefore, it makes sense that you are cashing in whatever Chips you have and whenever you have. This will help you get a grip on things. You can easily break free from the psychological trap by making sure that you are cashing in the excess Chip once in an hour.

Casino floors are built in such a way to make it really tough if not impossible for unsuspecting people to stop gambling as long as they have money left in their pockets. Since the Chips do not look and feel like real money, people tend to ignore the obvious fact that they are burning their hard earned dollars.

Stop The Temptation

If you are on a winning streak, make a point that you are not keeping the extra money in your pocket. Rather do a walk, cross the road and find a bank or an ATM that takes deposits. Once you are done with this, you can be sure of one thing that your money is safe. People find it really tough to stop them from gambling away their money and therefore, you need to take the aforementioned precautionary steps. This will ensure the fact that no matter what happens you are not going to find yourself ripped off tomorrow morning.

Take Small Breaks

The roaring sound of casino floor, the beauties of the ladies in skimpy outfits and the lighting are certainly going to dazzle you, if not confuse you to some extent. Experts believe that this ambience is made up for inspiring people to lose control over their mind and keep gambling until they burn out the last dollar. So, if you wish to break free from this vicious circle, you need to take small breaks in between playing casino games so that you can pull yourself together and make prudent decisions. The trick is to inject a fresh perspective into the game.

Do not Feel High

It may happen that you strike gold at the very onset and won a small jackpot but do not let that deceive you. There are countless number of people who had started their journey with a massive jackpot but eventually they lost everything because of their addiction to gambling. So, do not repeat the same mistake. Do not let anything sway your decisions by these ‘small things’. Whenever you have the feeling that you have earned enough, just stop there, contemplate on what you have achieved and then you are perfectly fine.

Author Bio
Evans is a blogger and he is currently associated with BonusParadise, a leading gambling portal.

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Bit Hit Craps at the Indian Casino

I played at a local Indian owned casino and the stick-man was rude. He just had a bad attitude in general. The min was $5 which I though was OK, but kind of high. And then it happened.

I had odds on 8 with a total of $300 on the table and I hit 8. My throw next… $300 on the pass-line… coming out… seven.

I was the guy yelling over the slots bells and whistles. That’s where I went wrong. My wife spotted me and called me over. I had only just begun I thought and was initially really disappointed.

Now I realize why she is the smarter one as we walked out well over 1k up.

Man I love craps but the excitement only lasts a moment.

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Hard Work The Best Craps Strategy

Hard Work The Best craps Strategy

Oct. 15-16 2013 : Trip report from Atlantic Club in Atlantic City New Jersey

As you know there a lot of snake oil salesman out there selling their craps strategy’s.  In the end I believe they are all based on the same meaningless principle of predicting future results from past performance.  That is a losing strategy my friends.

My strategy is very different. HARD WORK! That’s it lol.  That’s my strategy.  Get off your butts, turn off the TV and get on the practice craps table. Track your results in Bone Tracker. Tweak your sets and grips and throws to the point where you want to be.

I roll a minimum of 72 rolls a night. Usually I go for 144. I also video my throws and watch them back in slow motion. you will be surprised to see what you THOUGHT was a perfect throw look like a train wreck in slow motion.

So I put my hard work best craps strategy idea to the test. I use a 6/8 set and am throwing for 6′s and 8′s . I very purposely planned this trip to play in the VERY early morning so I could throw more with less distractions.

My morning Atlantic Club sessions began at 4:30 AM. Lets see if my hard work best craps strategy really works !

Regardless of who you are or how good you think you are you WILL throws sevens. That being said this is my goal. Perfect my grip and throws to raise my average number of 6′s and 8′s and extend my SRR (Seven to Roll Ratio) as far as possible.  I have achieved these goals but not quite to my satisfaction. Continual practice will get me there.  During my play at Atlantic Club recently I was able to average app. 25 box numbers between 7′s with a ridiculous number of those being 6′s and 8′s. In fact the entire time I played and I only saw one other Dice Influencer and he was setting for prop numbers mostly causing low SRR.

On average no one else could roll more then 5-8 rolls without a 7. (I said average, there were a few exceptions of course here and there. Nothing near what I did.

Was I REALLY that good? I was far and beyond everyone else. But I also had a few rolls where I threw a seven on the 2 or 3 count!

So hard work for me is the best craps strategy. I ONLY bet on me because I am not predicting anything. I am throwing exactly what I have practiced to throw.

Good luck shooters….



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Hitting the Jackpot: Taking a Chance on the Commerce Casino

Gazing out the window of my taxi, I felt as if I was transported into another galaxy. Street lamps and dazzling neon signs glistened like brilliant stars and we were not just travelling on another Los Angeles road, but an intergalactic highway. I rolled down the window to capture the pleasant breeze the night granted us, and I took in the faint aromas of luxury restaurants trailing in and out of focus. At around seven at night, the streets were bustling with beautiful people clad in suits and cocktail dresses and heels, smiling at the glistening streets. My friends and I realized we were on the casino trip of a lifetime.

The View

We pulled up to the Commerce Casino and Crowne Plaza Hotel, to check in for the evening. The building a severe and sturdy arch hovering above promised luxury and class. With its natural flowing rock sculpture and waterfall, it juxtaposed nicely against the strong Grecian pillars, torches, and geometric, gold detailing. As its frame encompassed my view, I couldn’t help but notice that while I felt as if I was reliving Greek mythology, I still held my Los Angeles bearings with the wonderful juxtaposition of flowing palm trees.

The Hotel

Venturing back to our luxurious hotel room, we dressed up to the nines feeling like celebrities. The beauty of our vacation hot spot was the fact that we were minutes from downtown Los Angeles and Rodeo Drive. The Hollywood sign could be seen in the distance and we felt as close to the stars as we could get. The girls and I would giggle at the opportunity to chance upon spotting Kim Kardashian or Ben Affleck.


The Commerce Casino provided plenty of options for dining, between the Manhattan Deli, The Arena Sports Bar and Grill, The Commerce Cafe, or even the convenience of tableside dining, we chose the Asian dining option at the Wood Dragon Restaurant.

We quickly realized that evening dining was a busy experience, but it was to be expected. However, in looking at their available hours, the restaurant was very accommodating. We were excited to try their dishes from around the world as the aroma of sushi and Japanese cuisine wafted through the restaurant.

Overall, the food was good, but the deal was better. In trying the Spicy Beef Brisket Noodle Soup it was only $7.95 (and we all got limitless fried noodles and bread sticks to munch on, too), it was a dinner well worth the cost.

The Commerce Casino

One of the main reasons we chose to come to the Commerce Casino was for the poker tables. From countless reviews online, many patrons and vacationers suggested that the Commerce Casino has the best serious poker tables in the world. We thought that was a big claim, so we thought we’d try it out for ourselves. We were not disappointed. In addition to having friendly staff and service, the tables were elegant and overall delightful.

With over eleven styles of Poker and twenty other table games to choose from, the Commerce Casino delivered on their promises of class, organization, and availability. For a continuously busy casino, there wasn’t long waits for most of the tables.

As expected in being in a star-studded area, we felt like celebrities in our evening attire. With even the simple promise or hope of their super poker jackpots up to $100,000, we enjoyed ourselves at different tables from Omaha poker to Texas Hold ‘em, gambling a little while and enjoying the friendly atmosphere.

The Verdict

In all the hustle and bustle, we realized this is definitely not Vegas. However, we enjoyed ourselves and the great ambience the Commerce Casino creates. For our last hurrah, we enjoyed a final cocktail at The Arena, and fell into bed around 3am. Exhausted, but pleasantly surprised with the winnings and outcome of our evening, we prepared to relax the next morning before we ventured into Hollywood for our next stop.

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Know the Ins and Outs Related to Betting

Do you like betting? Do you find it enough exciting to fulfil your desire of watching your favourite sports along with earning a handful of amount that also just by doing literally “nothing”? Yes, betting is probably the easiest way of sitting at your own place and using your instinct to earn money. You need to earn your own experience and keep betting, so that you can earn a good amount of profit. However, professional betting is not as easy as it sound. It is not like sitting with your friend and betting for a burger, rather it is something huge where you need to invest a good amount to earn a good sum of profit. Therefore, you must know the ins and outs related to complicated process in order to turn your risk of investment into gain.

First of all, you need to find out the dependable platform which can help you bet in a systematic way. There are thousands of websites available online, login to which you can fulfil your desire of playing bets. However, while fixing your platform, you must be careful about the frauds available online. There are fraud websites that act as your betting platform but at the end you lose and the falsifiers try to reason that it was your bad luck. Since, you don’t know exactly what they are doing, you even cannot complain against them. So, before fixing your platform for betting you must be careful about which one you are choosing.

  • You can ask people who have already been parts of the betting process and tell you about the good websites available.
  • You can go online and look for the registered websites available.
  • You can go online and find out the betting blogs to know the names of the most popular betting platforms available.

Since, it is not possible to go for betting anytime you want; you need to look up for the opportunities available. Suppose there is going to be some big races or matches, you need to be active and fix your bet upon the right people whom you want to be the winners.

However, you must learn the methods, like algorithm betting or robot betting in order to be ensured of your profits and fix the whole bet according to these.

Once you fix the bet, stay steady till the match finishes and keep praying. So, go for betting at your best and win a handsome amount at ease.

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